Stone Creek produces quality patents
for small and mid-sized companies to protect innovations and industrial designs.

While many patent firms focus on the needs of  large companies, and others cater to individual inventors, few patent firms really “get” small and mid-sized businesses.

Stone Creek specifically focuses on the needs of small and mid-sized companies and help them successfully protect their product innovations and industrial designs; see our project showcase and our testimonials page.

My name is Alan Flum, proprietor of Stone Creek. For over twenty years, I worked in product development for small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies. I experienced the patent process as an engineer, inventor, and engineering executive. From that perspective, I learned how to create a successful and satisfying experience for my clients.

I am excited to help companies like yours thrive and maximize your competitive advantage through product innovation. Contact me for a free initial consultation.

Why Stone Creek

  • stone-creek-patentsI don’t charge by the hour, so there is never the pressure of a ticking clock. I charge flat fees for my services so pricing is budgetable and predictable.
  • I put in the time necessary at the beginning of the process to understand the core inventive concepts. I dig deep to understand your products and what is important to you.
  • I am proactive and I am accessible.
  • I work as if I am a member of your team.
  • I give you my true and honest opinion and care deeply about the success of my clients.

What gives me the greatest pleasure in my work is happy clients who I have helped in the success of their business.

What Our Clients are Saying

For the full testimonials and recommendations, see the testimonials page or view my LinkedIn profile  .


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