Legal & Disclaimer


  • My name is Alan Flum, I am founder Stone Creek and Stone Creek’s solo patent practitioner.  I hope you find the information on this website helpful.  The information given on this website, accompanying videos on this website, YouTube or Vimeo, and downloadable white papers or e-books (collectively “Information”) is to help educate you about patents, business practices, and to inform you about the services I offer.  This Information is not, and should not, be considered legal advice.  While I have made my best effort to make sure the Information is accurate at the time it was written, there is no guarantee that the Information is error free, or may not become inaccurate over time.  You alone are responsible for how you use this Information and for determining its accuracy.  If you plan on making a critical business decision based on the Information, I urge you to either engage my services or the services of another patent agent or a patent attorney.
  • Under no circumstances is a patent agent/client relationship formed by reading or following the Information, emailing me, filling out a contact form, or requesting or participating in a free initial consultation with me.  A patent agent/client relationship is formed only after both of the following actions occur (1) we both sign a letter of engagement that I provide to you and (2) I have received and accept an initial retainer or deposit from you as I have requested.
  • I am a U.S. registered patent agent.  My license is regulated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and governed by the code of federal regulation (37 CFR §11.5) , and the US Supreme Court Case (Sperry v Florida 1963).  I am licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office in all patent matters.  However, I cannot and will not participate in any action that constitutes the practice of law regulated by state law or federal practices not sanctioned for patent agents under federal law.  For example, I cannot practice copyright, or trademark law.  I can give you a legal opinion regarding patentability, but I cannot advise you as to whether you are infringing on another person’s patent.  I can represent you before the Patent Trial and Appeals Board within the USPTO but I cannot represent you in Federal or State court.  This is where I my practice differs from a patent attorney.  For more information read the helpful article outlining the similarities and differences and between a patent attorney and patent agent titled Patent Attorney or Patent Agent ?.



  • Stone Creek® is a U.S. registered trademark of Stone Creek Services LLC
  • Five Minute Patent Bootcamp™ is a trademark of Stone Creek Services LLC

Right of Refusal

There are certain patents that I will not work on because they are out of my area of expertise:

  • I am not a chemist or chemical engineer. I do not write patents where the inventive concept is a chemical compound, formulation, or process.
  • I do not write biotechnology patents.

There are certain areas that I do not patent.  This is not a judgement of others but simply because I wish to respect my own personal beliefs.

  • I will not write patents for items that harm or kill such as weapons, hunting, or fishing.
  • I do not write patents that promote violence.
  • I do not write patents that have to do with surveillance, eavesdropping, or invasion of privacy.
  • I do not write patents that have to do with the manufacture or promotion of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  • I do not write patents that promote gambling.