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Welcome to Stone Creek’s Patent Knowledge Center. The patent knowledge center is your crash course for essential patent topics. It includes a series of articles and videos to help the busy executive, manager, or decision maker quickly learn about essential patent topics and formulate an effective patent strategy for their business.

Five Minute Patent Bootcamp™ Articles

Five Minute Patent Bootcamp™ are a collection of articles, videos, and other material specifically designed to help you, as a busy decision maker, grasp essential patent concepts on specific important topics in five minutes or less.

Five Minute Patent Boot Camp

This is the first in the series of Five Minute Patent Boot Camp™ articles. In this article, you will learn six essential points that can help you avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

other patent services training

Don’t Loose Your Patent Rights

It can be easy to lose the right to obtain a patent in the U.S. or other countries if you don’t understand the rules of the game. This article will cover essential concepts that will help you avoid the loss of patent rights.

Design Patents: A Crash Course

Design patent protect product appearance and industrial design. Recent events, for example the Apple v Samsung law suits demonstrate the potential value of design patents. This article will give you a five minute crash course in design patent protection with an eye on helping you make better business decisions.

Coca Cola design patents from 1915, 1923, and 1937

Provisional Patent Applications

It is a common belief that provisional patent applications save time and money. In this article, you will learn why this is not true and why I generally do not recommend provisional patent applications. I will present what I believe is a better strategy that can potentially save you both time and money.

patent search documents

Accelerated Patent Examination

Are you in a hurry to get a patent? This article explores various forms of accelerated patent examination. Normally can take years to get your patent application examined. Utilizing some of the programs discussed in this article, it may be possible to get an issued patent in as little as 3-1/2 months.

Case for Accelerated Examination: time to first examination arranged by one year intervals, 26% art groups 0-1 yr, 53% 1-2 yr, 15% 2-3 yr, 3% 3-4 yr, and 3% 4-5 yr

Patent Search – Why it is Important

A well executed patent search is an important tool for helping to craft superior patent applications. In this article you will learn why a good patent search is important and what makes for a good patent search.

patent search minefield

Other Important Patent Topics

Patent Attorney or Patent Agent?

In this article you will learn the similarities and differences between patent attorneys and patent agents.

iconic representation of a patent attorney and patent agent

Patent Essentials for the Wind Power Industry

Published in November 2015 in North American Wind Power Magazine, this article teach why patents are important in the wind power industry and how to best leverage patents to help your wind power company.

Graph of wind power industry patents by assignee or owner


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