Project Showcase

Solar Energy Patents

Solar roof mount U.S. Patent No. 8,935,893

I have been passionate about Clean Energy Technology since the early 1980s.

I have had the privilege to work with some amazing companies dedicated to making clean energy a reality. I wrote, filed, and successfully prosecuted solar energy patents for these companies. Their patents include solar and meteorological instrumentation, solar carports, and solar roof mount and racking systems. I successfully petitioned six applications to examined out of turn under the U.S. Patent Office’s Green Technology Pilot Program.  Only 3500 patent applications in total took advantage of this program.

Featured patents include:

  • Sunmodo Corporation’s easy to install, and innovation solar roof racking solutions for mounting solar panels under a wide range of environments. Patents I wrote and filled on behalf of Sunmodo include US Patent Nos. 8,991,065; 8950157; 8,935,893; 8,776,456;  8,806,815;  8,839,575;  8,122,648;  8,136,311;  8,424,821; and design patent D674,513. Several of these patents were filed under the Green Technology Pilot Program.
  • The former owner of Colorado Solar recognized the potential fire hazard of plug-and-play solar energy systems and came up with a simple elegant solution. They received two patents for different aspects of their system; US Patent Nos. 7,977,818 and 8,362,646. The first patent was filed under the 12-month accelerated program and received a Notice of Allowance a little over 3 months after filing.
  • PhatEnergy was an innovator of Solar panel shade structures including solar carports and patios including US Patent Nos. 8,479,459; 8,402,704; and 8,365,479. Several of these patents were filed under the Green Technology Pilot Program.
  • HuksefluxUSA is a recognized leader in solar measurement instruments. These instruments are used for monitoring solar radiation, and for meteorological studies including the effects of global warming. These devices are of the highest quality and their design innovation makes them the market leader. I had the privilege of writing, filing, and prosecuting US Patent Nos. 8,294,101; 8,410,444; 8,481,943; and 8,507,864. In addition, I successfully prosecuted US Patent Application Nos. 8,481,905 and 8,648,286.

Green Technology Patents

I have had the privilege of working with some amazing clients dedicated to sustainable and green technology. I am gratified to see companies like these focused on building a better and brighter future.

I have written, filed, and successfully prosecuted green technology patents in the building construction trade, LED lighting, and innovative ways of renewing wastewater treatment infrastructure. Representative patents include:

  • Solar Innovations is a recognized innovator  of customer glazed structures, skylights, windows, and doors. Solar Innovations designs and manufactures their products in their 300,000 sq. ft. green manufacturing facility in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Representative patents that I wrote and prosecuted for Solar Innovations. U.S. Patent No. 8,880,221 describes an innovative structure for wiring vertical and sloped glazing. U.S. Patent No. 8,925,258 describes a structure for adjusting door or wall panels without the need for removing the panel frames. U.S. Patent No. 8,997,412 combines vertical marine glazed frame panels and horizontal glazed frame panels to create a structural robust panel with an elegant narrow vertical frame profile. U.S. Patent No. 9,003,843 describes a vertical elongated door handle where one of the support pillars twists to open the door.
  • Ecolivegreen for five patents for solving the problem of saving aging and over burdened wastewater infrastructure in municipalities: US Patent Nos. 8,062,522;  8,066,887;  8,101,078;  8,142,656; and 8,425,782 (also see their presentation here). I also was able to get them patents for three LED lighting related patents (US Patent Nos. 8,985,809; 8,733,969; 7,919,937; and 7,745,765).

Audio and Visual Media
Technology Patents

 Since I was sixteen years old, I had a strong interest in professional audio design. I started my first audio equipment installation company at eighteen and feel honored to have designed and led professional audio project teams for a fortune 100 company like Sony.

Thanks to my background in audio and media electronics, I have successfully written and prosecuted utility and design patents for consumer and professional audio electronics and the motion picture film industry.

Included are representative patents:

  • I have had the privilege to manage the intellectual property for the entire Stanton Group before they were acquired by Gibson Guitar Corp. The Stanton Group’s brands included Stanton, KRK, and Cerwin-Vega. Stanton was a well known and established brand in the DJ equipment market, KRK was the market leader in professional recording studio speakers, and Cerwin-Vega is well known and established consumer and professional audio electronics brand.  Patents that I wrote and/or prosecuted for the Stanton Group include: US Patent Nos. 7,763,843;  7,828,556;  7,928,313;  8,053,660;  8,110,734;  8,153,883; and design patents D628,981D657,777; and D665,778.
  • Lasergraphics Inc. is a leader in motion picture film restoration equipment. Their patent was filed under the 12-month accelerated patent application program received a Notice of Allowance within five months of filing; see US Patent No. 8,681,213.
  • Ecolivegreen Corp. developed an exciting new compact electro-acoustic reverb device that has the acoustic characteristics of a large vintage reverberation unit; see U.S. Patent No. 8,837,745.
  • Full-Code Audio. The featured patent is for an innovative microphone modeling system for professional audio applications. The patent application was filed under Track I expedited examination and received a Notice of Allowance within two months of filling; see US Patent No. 8,666,090.

Apparel Related Patents

There are many opportunities for innovation in the apparel industry and I am grateful to have worked with some amazing start-ups in this field.

One of my clients, a Silicon Valley veteran programmer and executive designed an  innovative child carrier designed specifically for men; see US Patent Nos. 8,418,897 and 8,523,028.  One application was filed under the 12-month accelerated examination program; the second application was filled under Track I expedited examination. Both patents received a Notice of Allowance with four months of filing.

Another client, has a real passion for quality apparel and recognized the need for simple, elegant, and more rugged mobile device carriers. Their first patent application was filed under the 12-month accelerated examination program and received a Notice of Allowance under five months of filing; see US Patent No. 8,573,458